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Beauty- und Pflegetipps, die uns aus dem Winterschlaf holen

Beauty and care tips that bring us out of hibernation

When winter says goodbye and spring announces itself with rising temperatures, the skin can suffer from this change. From dry heating air to a warm, humid climate – this should be well prepared.

While the cold months demanded a lot from us and we also applied lotion and care as much as we could, spring is all about a reduction in the bathroom. The rich moisturizers have had their day, we are now switching to lighter products that do not leave a greasy film on the skin. The pores breathe. Lotions, fluids or mild creams are now the right companions. Cleanse your face with the reusable bamboo cleansing pads and take care of your face with products that reduce sebum and shine.

Don't let this irritate you. The skin can react irritated when switching from one care routine to another. Skin blemishes are the result. However, these should be manageable with consistency and mild care. A slow change can also help - first the cleansing products, then the serums and finally the day or night cream. This is how your skin gets used to it step by step.

But we don't only focus on lightness when it comes to skin care, but also when it comes to make-up. Instead of covering foundations, we prefer to use tinted day creams that give a spring-like glow, or we even do without make-up altogether. It is important that you makeup on products that are non-comedogenic and will not clog pores.

The body was wrapped in thick layers of fabric for months. Prepare arms and legs with a gentle peeling for the warmer days. Dead skin cells make room for new cells, which – well protected – are just as ripe for spring as you are. Speaking of protection: If a sun protection factor of 30 was sufficient in winter, you should now go back to a high factor of 50. The sun's rays are increasing and your skin is more sensitive than usual, especially now that the winter is over.

In the shower in spring we rely on revitalizing products that accompany us throughout the day with a fresh scent . Plant extracts stimulate blood circulation. The body lotion has to be something that absorbs quickly and doesn't leave a greasy film .

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